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7 Ways to Maximize Your Miserable Feelings

There are many books, movies, and articles that explain "how to be happy," However, "7 Ways to Maximize Misery" is a movie that explains the opposite approach: how to be maximally sad, miserable and unhappy.

The movie has become so popular that it has been viewed more than 900,000 times in one day since it was released on May 31.

7 Ways to Maximize Misery - YouTube

The premise is that it is much easier to feel miserable than to be happy. So here's how to maximize your miserable feelings.


This method is to stay in one room all the time as much as possible. Keep all the tools you need to live, like your fridge and computer, in one place.

It is also recommended to leave a lot of laundry unattended.

If you want to take a walk outside on a sunny day, you can go to ......

Never be tempted.

Do not do any kind of exercise or anything else that would cause endorphins to be released.

This method effectively creates a cycle in which being still makes you sick, and being sick forces you to be still. "STAY STILL" is a very easy and effective way to produce results.


Insomnia is very reliable when sailing the sea of sorrow.

It disrupts the productive part of our brain that tries to guide us to an island of happiness in a sea of sadness.

Sleep cycles are very delicate and require at least three days to produce a healthy sleep cycle.

Have a bedtime that is shifted by several hours from your normal sleep time at least twice a week. ......

If you want to be more effective, you should also shift your waking time.

The more days you spend sleeping at different times, the less regular your sleep will be. ......

Furthermore, the sleeping hours will become more diverse. The goal is to make sure that you never "naturally fall asleep at the same time".


Boredom makes people want to take action, so use your smartphone or other devices to enjoy such moments. Smartphone screens also serve the purpose of waking people up when they are tired and sleepy.

Stare at the display whenever possible and fall asleep with your smartphone in your hand.

And touch your smartphone as soon as you wake up.

If you lift your head, you'll find an island of happiness. ......

You should always stare at the screen and keep your head down.

There are brilliant people and lucid bots in the computer who want to get your attention, so you follow their lead.


Use screens such as televisions and smart phones to create anger and sadness over things that are beyond your control.

Keep doing nothing, but take in information.

What you like to do is take you out of your room and try to get you to do something meaningful with the people around you.

However, even "favorite things" can be used to help make you more miserable. Look for only "bad events" that make you despair and create resentment.

If you are pressured to donate, take the least meaningful way possible......

Try to be disappointed that "nothing changed,"

These methods will make you feel more miserable, but your brain may still try to help you somehow, for example by "setting a goal".

It is important to remember that goals must be "specific," "measurable," "involve action," "responsible," and "time-bound" in order to be achieved. So let's take the fifth approach.

◆5: set "VAPID" goal

VAPID goals are "vague," "amorphous," "pie in the sky," "irrelevant," and "delayed,"

Be vague not only about your goals, but also about the path you will take to reach them.

When you are motivated, set a goal that is too high and certain to fail, such as "clean the whole house today," rather than a small, step-by-step goal like "do the laundry by the end of the day,"

It is also useful to focus on what you want to achieve beyond the goal, such as "develop a market app before learning to code,"

This kind of behavior makes the productive parts of our brain dysfunctional.

Also, remember not to set a deadline, but to wait until you are motivated.

By setting a VAPID goal, the productive part of the brain that tries to make itself better by rewarding small steps is ......

It turns you into a person who constantly blames you for "not achieving the goals I set,"


This is another way to feel miserable. The human brain tries to feel happy, so even if you take methods 1 through 5, it will still try to fight it.

When this happens, think of a happy island where there are always happy people living. This action will change your idea of "happy" to a feeling like "there are no such people,"

Happiness is like a bird, you can't catch it while you are chasing after it to catch it.

If you improve your boat, build a bird's nest, and put water and food on it, the birds will come without you noticing.

In other words, do not engage in this kind of behavior.


This is very important. There is a magnetic field of darkness in the ocean of grief, and once you begin to take these actions, the "compass of impulse" within you will point you in the right direction.

The right direction means that you don't want to leave the room or ......

You don't want to do anything......

It's a direction that makes you want to use knowledge as a source of sadness.

In the long run, many other compasses may appear, but aim only for the true North Pole, the one to which your "compass of impulse" points.

This movie is based on the book "How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use" by Dr. Randy J. Paterson, and the methods described in the movie and book will definitely make you miserable. In other words, if you do the exact opposite of what is shown here, you will be able to live a happy life.

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