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Discovery of new species of tree frogs in chocolate color.


"Chocolate frogs" are a popular confection in the wizarding world, appearing in the Harry Potter series. A chocolate-colored tree frog that looks just like the popular one has been found in the Plari River basin on the island of New Guinea.

Multiple trans-Torres Strait colonisations by tree frogs in the Litoria caerulea group, with the description of a new species from New Guinea

Look at This Newly Discovered, Utterly Adorable 'Chocolate' Frog Species

Paul M. Oliver and his colleagues at Griffith University and the Queensland Museum have conducted a research on the frog genus Litoria, which is found in Australia and New Guinea. The findings have been published in the Australian Journal of Zoology in open access.

Oliver and his colleagues conducted a research on the range of this Litoria caerulea* in Australia and the island of New Guinea. The distance between the two sites is about 150 km in the Torres Strait. In the past, when the sea level was low, it was possible to go back and forth by a land bridge, so there is a remarkable mixture of species, and Litoria caerulea lives in both places.

*"Australian Green Treefrog" (scientific name: Litoria caerulea).

In this exploration, the Litoria caerulea was also found in the savannah region in southern New Guinea. The frog had some characteristics in common with those found in northern Queensland, Australia.

And in the rainforest of the Plari River basin, which flows into Deception Bay on the south side of the island of New Guinea, a frog of the genus Litoria, different from Litoria caerulea, was found. The characteristics of this new frog species: The color of its back is brown without white or yellow spots, Small purple spots behind the eyes, and The ventral side of the body, limbs and throat are dark brown to medium brown. This characteristic distinguishes it from other Litoria species. The new frog species have been given the name "Litoria Mira." Mira" is a Latin word meaning "surprise" or "wonder". Oliver says, "We were surprised to find a relative of the common Australian Litoria caerulea living in the lowland rainforest rather than the savannah.

Steve Richards, who photographed Litoria Mira, said, "What prevents us from exploring this frog is the fact that it lives in a very hot and humid place, like a lot of crocodiles. Now we know that they live there, so let's leave it alone. " he said. Litoria Mira has been found in the northern part of New Guinea as well as in the Prairie River basin, and it is thought that it may live widely throughout the island.


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