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Seagate acknowledged the possibility of developing storage specifically for cryptocurrency.


A new product manager at HDD manufacturer Seagate has confirmed to news site TechRadar that the company may be developing a storage product specifically for cryptocurrency applications.

Exclusive: Seagate 'exploring' possible new line of crypto-specific hard drives | TechRadar

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Cryptocurrency is the result of a method known as "mining". Mining does not really mean mining, but rather cryptocurrency is issued as a reward in exchange for undertaking some of the calculations required when approving cryptocurrency transactions.

The GPU is the key to efficient mining. Therefore, there is a situation where people for gaming and people for mining are competing for GPUs. Manufacturers are creating GPUs dedicated to mining and limiting the mining performance of GPUs for gamers.

NVIDIA Announces CMP Processor for Mining. Limiting the Mining Capabilities of the RTX 3060 - GIGAZINE

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the relatively new cryptocurrency Chia is not about CPUs and GPUs, but about storage capacity. In light of this, when TechRadar asked, "Do you think there will be a cryptocurrency product release in storage, like there was a GPU for mining?" Jason M. Feist, who Seagate's head of new products replied, "It's possible," and continued, "We're looking for opportunities and I think other companies are as well,"

HDDs and SSDs are already in short supply due to "Chia" and other factors, and this is affecting people who do not intend to do mining. However, there is no immediate availability of storage for cryptocurrency applications, and the situation seems to be difficult to resolve for the time being.

HDDs and SSDs are in short supply due to cryptocurrency mining demand - GIGAZINE


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