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The "WiFi Login Card" makes it easy to create a card that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi by simply scanning a QR code.


In restaurants and cafes that offer free Wi-Fi

In restaurants and cafes that offer free Wi-Fi, there is a special card with the network name and password that you need to enter to connect to the Wi-Fi.

But it's a hassle to enter the password, isn't it?

WiFi Login Card" is a service that allows you to easily create a card with your Wi-Fi SSID and password on it.



By scanning the QR code with your smartphone's camera, you can easily access Wi-Fi without entering the password.

Enter your network and password in the form above, and a QR code will be issued to you.

If you scan it, you will be able to connect to Wi-Fi automatically.

It's very convenient.

By the way, this code is available on GitHub.


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