There is no word systematic programmer

I do not think there is a word systematic programmer
The difference between the system of science and science is the difference between “to memorize information” and “to learn a method”
To tell the truth, it is “the difference in thought method”
When I do logical thinking, the arts system tries to find answers with my experience and knowledge
Image of searching for answers from “My own brain warehouse”
So, if a huge amount of information is input to the head
There is much more to be solved accordingly.
But I understand painfully if I do programming
No matter how much you refer to others’ code (no matter how much you memorize the answer)
Work that is like me can not be done forever
It is the end of the world if it bugs
When I was just beginning the program
When I thought “I want to implement such a function”
First I will go looking for a model
Because it is an open source world
There is roughly a superior example model
And, the model behaves simply by adding a little effort.
I think that there is this,
I think that I do not say that I wrote “code” like this
In addition, such a way of doing work will not last long, and it is boring
So, any person
→ Remember language usage

→ Create your own classes using the language you memorize

→ Look for a better way
I feel like I do not have to acquire a scientific thinking ability inevitably
That is why I do not think there is a word cram school programmer.

藤沢瞭介(Ryosuke Hujisawa)
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