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What is Object Orientation

投稿日 : 2018年3月21日(水曜日)


What is Object Orientation

Object oriented is the design philosophy of programs based on encapsulation

Encapsulation is a process whereby data and processing are confined within one class

You can minimize the impact of class changes on outside (out of class)


php object Let’s write thought

It is easy to create class objects

Declare the object name as shown below

I will specify the class with new

Then, an object of the specified class is created

$ Object = new class

tarokun object

For example if the human class has already been defined

Object of human class tarokun (Taro)

If you want to create

$tarokun = new human ;

I do not need Kuwait

By the way, when you create objects of class in php

Do not quote a class

Then it will be err

$tarokun = new ‘human’ ;  //err



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