Would you like to make friends with native speakers online or in real life?

Language exchange is a social media for learning a foreign language. You can chat with native speakers or find and make friends with natives who live locally or in your study abroad destination.

"Learning a foreign language is the fastest way to jump into a native environment. With that in mind, we created a website that can be matched with language learning partners."

Just register for free

Simply register for a language exchange and a native user will send you a message. Language Exchange has an advanced search function so that best user can find you. In addition, the site is free to use and user registration is completed in 1 minute.

You can search for native users

If you are a French learner living in Tokyo, you can search for native French users living in Tokyo. Conversely, if you have registered your profile information correctly, Japanese-learning American users living in Tokyo may search for you and say "Hay".

It can be used on both smartphones and PC. No installation required

There are several chat apps for learning a foreign language on smartphone apps. However, the installation is cumbersome, the notifications are noisy, and it takes up space on your device. Language Exchange can be used on the Web, you can log in with your smartphone or computer, and no installation is required. Chats from users will be notified via email.

There is a Language Exchange explanation video that you can read English subtitles

Accelerate your foreign language learning with the convenience of language exchange

Real-time chat

You can chat in real time like a smartphone app. You can chat without response, such as when users meet each other.

Follow unfollow function

You can follow or unfollow your favorite users like Twitter. Connect with many users!

Timeline bulletin board function

You can post like on Twitter or a bulletin board. Put your learning record on a tweet and output it!

Email notification function

Messages from users, comments sent to the bulletin board, etc. will be sent to you via email. So, unlike the app, you won't get annoying notifications, so please check your email when you have time.

User search function

Language exchange is about matching foreign language learners properly. Not only are users registered on the platform, but if you are learning English in Tokyo, we will try to recommend and match users as close to you as possible.

You can use it for free

Language exchange is a great place for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language for free. It's no longer costly to make friends or learn a foreign language. Connect with native users right away.

Why do human start love human

Language exchange is just a language learning platform. It's okay to fall in love, but don't search for sex partners or send spam emails to many users

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