Find a Pure language exchange friend
in your Living

Let's make Native Friend in your living! It is a language exchange platform. A lot of people joining who love learning foreign languages in here.

Have you ever THINK Like this before?

Expensive to go to school for learning foreign language

・Online learning is NOT fun

・Hesitating to go to MeetUp

・Chat apps don't become a habit

You can make foreign friends for FREE

You can make a local language exchange partner before you go abroad.

Find a native speaker who lives in the city.

The cost is significantly cheaper because all the functions can be used completely free of charge.

Language exchange
Introduced on SNS and YouTube

Shin # European Freelance

Japanese people often study grammar and English words. However, it is really difficult to talk face-to-face with foreigners. language exchange is very convenient because you can find a language exchange partner in your city or study abroad destination. The number of users is increasing day by day, so I think it's good to only register. Whenever I study abroad or travel to a foreign country and want to learn a foreign language locally, I think it is a platform that will definitely support your English learning.

Ryosuke #Learn German

I used to live in Canada, but after returning to Japan, I had a hard time making an English environment and making foreign friends. I didn't feel like going to the English school anymore because the app didn't just keep me chatting and I didn't want to attend a meetup. So I decided to create a platform where people who want to learn a foreign language can make friends by hanging out. People who want to learn a foreign language, people who can not participate in meetups because they are shy, people who can not go to English school because of money ...We aim to be a platform that can support all foreign language learners 🙂

 Just 3 minutes
Just register your profile and let's get started.

 Register for a language exchange forFree

The language exchange has a simple design so that anyone can use it easily. You can use it on your PC or smartphone. The top page is displayed to users all over the world like this.

 Chat with language partners language partnersaround the world

Once you've signed up for Language Exchange, chat with your favorite language exchange friends. All chats and friends searches are free. Users can use all the functions of Lanek completely free of charge.

 Find a language partner based on your current location

Each user who is registered at Language Exchange registers where they live. If you live in Tokyo, find a user who lives in Tokyo. I'm sure you can match someone who would like to find a language exchange friend nearby as well.

Our mission

Language Exchange's mission is "Challenge the resolution of world poverty and discrimination." We were able to build a great language exchange platform in the process of fulfilling our mission. If you want to exchange language with a foreigner or get a chance to make friends and hang out, why not join our platform? All are free to use.

 Just 3 minutes
Just register your profile and let's get started.

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