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Do you have such troubles?

Four challenges in learning a foreign language

It's expensive to go to a foreign language school ...

I want to learn English and French, but attending a foreign language school is expensive and I don't have much time.

Can't make friends to study with ...

Instead of having my teacher teach me English, I want to make friend and learn English conversation while naturally touching foreign languages and grasping the nuances of native speakers.

Scared to join Meetup ...

I've thought about attending English-speaking events, but I'm afraid to suddenly attend an event that confuses unfamiliar men and women ... If possible, meet someone you know and trust and learn English slowly. I want ...

It's boring if you just chat ...

I've used a chat app for English conversation, but it's boring to just chat. It won't last long ... If possible, I want friends who can make good friends, play occasionally and exchange languages nearby ...

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You can solve that problem with language exchange!

Match natives in chat and video

You no longer have to go to an expensive foreign language school or study abroad to learn a foreign language. With Language Exchange, you can chat and video with native speakers from different countries on the site.

You can use it for free from registration to service use.

Language exchange is free to play from service registration to use. It is a free platform where many users who are interested in learning a foreign language gather.

Find users by place of residence or language

You can search for friends of native speakers on the site. You can search by place of residence, country, language, and various choices, so you can match the native speaker that is right for you.

Create a profile and you will receive a message

You don't have to be an active site participant. If you create a profile, AI will independently recommend the right user for you. Just wait and you'll get a message from the right user.

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our users

I am learning Korean. Since I started using the site, I have made various Korean friends. I currently live in Spain, but I have made local friends, so if you are looking for friends with native speakers, this app is recommended.
Ann Joma
I was wondering if there was any good way to learn English efficiently and at a reasonable price. I registered on the language exchange site and was able to learn English with a native speaker without going to a language school!
Kanako ichinose
I use the service in the United States. I registered on the site to learn German. I was able to find the best user for me because I could search for users by city name, etc., where they currently live.
John Spock
I'm from China and currently live in Japan. I registered because I wish I could find a friend in Japanese. Just because many users were staying in Tokyo, I was able to send a message and go out to play. Now many friends have made it using language exchange.
Yang Ma

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I made a lot of friends through the language exchange!

Would you like to join us in a language exchange and make native friends?

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